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2 Steps to your hybrid document process

Are you searching for a Business-Solution, for use in Government (Ministries, Cities, ..) or for any other Organisation (Parties, NGOs,…) ?

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You are interested in invoice management and optimization of your paper based and electronic documents? Or are searching for a solution for e-forms?

1 Step to your hybrid document process

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1 Step to your hybrid document process

You are planning a solution für electronic delivery or official signature?

1 Step to your hybrid document process

Who is the recipient of your documents?

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Document Processing- finally simple and reliable

Regardless whether paper or electronically - sendhybrid designs and optimizes your processes in the fields of incoming invoice management and outgoing documents/shipping. (B2B and B2C)

From simply sending your invoices and reminders up to intelligent channel, waste, and,energy fee notifications, "e-invoices to the Federal Government", or the "Electronic Legal Transactions (ERV)", the sendhybrid solution covers all aspects of modern and secure document solution.

Conventional paper processes of your suppliers will be supported professionally with a Scan & Capture solution and transferred to your preferred IT solution.

The Smart for 2! Marketing team activates your customers and suppliers for the electronic processes and develops motivational strategies for broad acceptance to increase your postal management processes.


www.eVersand.at is the official delivery service of the exthex GmbH, authorized by the Austrian Federal Chancellery according to § 30 Service of Documents (ZustG). The sendhybrid solution is fully integrated!
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e-invoicing the Federal Government

Since 1.1.2014 e-invoices are mandatory for all of the federal suppliers.

For detailed information on e-invoicing the federal government visit https://www.erb.gv.at/.

E-Rechnung an den Bund

No retyping or fill in web forms - with sendhybrid you submit your e-invoices to the Federal Government easy, fast, and safe!

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Sign your PDF documents with your mobile signature or citizen card for free.

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