Your secure electronic post box for confidential mail and documents.

E-BOX is your secure digital mail box for confidential documents.

Allow important papers to be delivered into your personal and secure electronic post box. It is safer than e-mail and more flexible than printed writs. You are not only able to receive your deliveries online, but also to archive them. Thus you always carry everything important with you.

When it comes to written communication we almost always use electronic media. It is convenient, eco-friendly and safes a lot of time.

But for various reasons there are still documents and deliveries that fill up our physical mail boxes.

Be it the registered letter, governmental information or to wet sign contracts and return them. Basically tasks that a simple e-mail is not able to handle.

This is why we developed the E-BOX. It frees your mail box from any paper and provides independence and flexibility.

For our mail-order clients we offer a customized E-BOX version that perfectly fits your brand presence.

E-BOX Features

Receive electronic deliveries

Pay electronically

Easy access via web browser on your desktop

Android and iOS app for mobile devices

Sign documents electronically

Archive and provide documents audit proof

Secure bidirectional communication (e.g. with your bank consultant)

Pick up official registered letters from your Austrian eVersand.at account

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