Reduce cost – become “paper free”!

Reduce cost – become
“paper free”!

With the sendhybrid solution “hybridservice” you easily and quickly convert outgoing physical mail (invoices, agreements, etc.) to hybrid mail and safe up to 64% of the process cost per mail order.*

Your addressees receive their electronic deliveries conveniently and paperless in their electronic delivery service or the sendhybrid E-BOX.

sendhybrid automatically validates whether your recipients are electronically reachable or not. If not, the delivery is rerouted, professionally printed and delivered as a traditional physical letter.

With our “smart-for-2” marketing programme we create mutual activities to constantly raise your addressees’ electronical reachability.

How hybridservice works

so funktioniert hybridservice


The sender prepares outgoing deliveries in the own familiar software and forwards it to sendhybrid.

Interface Package

There are several possibilities to transfer the documents to sendhybrid such as web service, watched folder, client and others.


Your data and documents are archived by sendhybrid. You decide for how long and in which quality. With the OPENText-adapter we offer a BAO conform and audit proof document repository.


hybridservice automatically determines the reachability of your addressees and prepares the transferred documents accordingly. (Letterhead, payment slip, signature, stamp, electronic payment, etc.)

Transaction portal

The sender is able to track every single delivery, its status and type of transmission. This information can be retransmitted into the sender-system via the interface package (push and polling interface).

It’s the recipients choice

Depending on the recipient’s preferences documents are sent electronically or via physical mail.

Other hybridservice channels

These transmission channels are fully integrated into hybridservice.

  • Electronic Legal Correspondence (ERV)

    The Electronic Legal Correspondence allows a secure, paperless transmission of structured and processable data from the party to the proceedings to court and back. The ERV substitutes conventional transmission of documents in compliance with all Austrian legislation.

  • hybrid return receipt

    (exclusive product for the Österreichische Post AG) Instead of physical delivery the confirmation of delivery is electronically transferred back to the authority. With the new hybridservice client, return receipts are simply sent online. Therefore every government agency is able to use this hybrid mail service for cost reduction.

  • E-Invoice to government (Product according to Austrian law)

    Governmental suppliers in Austria must transfer their invoices electronically – the so called “e-invoice”. Sendhybrid offers a solution to forward your e-invoices conveniently and securely. No need for troublesome out writing or webform filling. Official information about e-invoices to government is available online: www.erb.gv.at

This is how hybridservice is used

Easy system connection

In our standard process we read off your addressees’ data – such as address, payment data, identification No. – directly from the transmitted PDF file. Therefore implementing expensive interface connections is not necessary. Additionally sendhybrid already has interfaces to most commonly used IT solutions.

Obtain addressee’s consent

sendhybrid created and provides a process which enables customers who are only reachable by physical mail to register for our free electronic delivery service. The sender saves money starting with the first document and continuous reducing print and postage cost in the future.

Attractive entry

Due to our attractive transaction-based cost model there are practically no initial expenses. The sender saves money starting with the first transaction.

Other Features

Address consolidation

Document overlay
(e.g. letter head, letter paper in electronic delivery, payment slip

Cost-effective print job handling by our partners

Free customized E-BOX and apps for your customers

Monitor all your activities in our transaction portal

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