One solution for all qualities of digital signature

Sign paper-free!

hybridsign is the first all-in-one combination of all acknowledged signature qualities. Providing adequate legal compliance on all signed documents online and offline.

Gapless electronic process

hybridsign easily integrates into your software and allows a gapless electronic process, beginning with your customer’s legally valid digital signature on point of sale.

Our modern bank-data centre guarantees highest data-availability

With our years of experience and use of the latest technologies we ensure the utmost data security and conformity to all data privacy regulations.

Internal applications

Simplify and speed up internal processes with hybridsign by using distinct electronic signatures for time tracking, quality reports or other documents.

Various industries

Our clients derive from many industries, for instance the Vienna Insurance Group uses hybridsign for the electronic insurance application.

Is hybridsign suitable for your business?


If you want to benefit from paperless processes by using our electronic signature solution you are taking a crucial step forward.

How much does hybridsign cost?


Our innovative transaction-based cost model enables very low initial cost. You only pay for services you actually need.

How can I implement hybridsign?


In order to create an individual offer for your company we would like to discuss your needs in a non-binding personal consultation session.

Qualities of digital signature

hybridsign supports all digital signatures that are acknowledged by the European Union.

  • Qualified signature

    The qualified signature allows for a legally effective signature of an individual person and is juridically equal to ones single-handed signature. Technically it is realized through a smart card or other citizen identification like the Austrian “Handysignatur”

  • Electronic official seal

    It is the electronic signature of authorities, to be applied visibly onto decisions or other documents. Therefore its official origin is recognizable for the recipient. The electronic official seal is also valid when printed.

  • Company seal

    The sendhybrid company seal is the electronic pendant to a company stamp. Documents are distinctly allocated to a specific company and the originality of a document is guaranteed.

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